Why Book in Our Hotel Block?

Why is it important to book in the block?

AAM has secured room blocks for attendees at a variety of hotels to meet all tastes and budgets.  These participating hotels are providing discounted rates to AAM 2020 attendees based on a guaranteed percentage of attendees staying in these official conference hotels. Booking a hotel room outside of AAM’s block impacts AAM’s revenue both directly, through attrition fees charged to AAM for not meeting the guaranteed percentage, and indirectly through the loss of negotiation leverage for meeting space, dates and rates in future years. Guaranteeing room blocks gives associations the opportunity to negotiate concessions, such as better room rates, free Internet, less expensive food and beverage, number of meeting rooms, affiliate meeting space, gym access, etc. Housing is a key component in how this leverage is measured, and booking outside of the contracted block decreases AAM’s negotiating power–ultimately making the meeting more expensive and forcing future registration and hotel prices to increase! We know none of us wants to see higher attendance costs.

AAM is pleased to partner with Orchid Events as our official housing provider to coordinate hotel reservations for the meeting.

How do I benefit from reserving a room through Orchid in the official housing block?

  • While we know you may be able to find cheaper accommodations elsewhere, we have partnered with Orchid to secure the lowest possible rates at the local conference hotels and give our attendees amenities such has free in-room WiFi.
  • You will have total trip protection and a housing company to back up your reservation. By booking in the block you are guaranteed a room for the 2020 conference and are protected in the event a hotel oversells. If you have any problem or negative experience related to the housing process, our housing company, Orchid, will be able to act on your behalf to correct problems.
  • You will receive an immediate email acknowledgement of your hotel assignment.
  • You will help keep future Annual Meeting & MuseumExpos afforadable for everyone!
  • The majority of our attendees stay at an official AAM hotel, and you never know who you might meet in the lobby. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to easily network with friends, colleagues, and representatives of exhibiting companies by staying in the hotels they are staying in so your paths will cross organically.
  • All of AAM’s hotels are within walking distance to the George R. Moscone Center meaning you will have easy access to all sessions and activities over the course of the conference.
  • You will have access to exclusive discounts and will be entered for a chance to win a suite upgrade for the 2020 or 2021 conferences!

How am I affected when people book outside the block?

If AAM is not able to meet the guaranteed number of room nights booked in the block because attendees make reservations at other hotels, or at other accommodation options (such as apartments), or cancel/shorten their length of stay at the AAM hotels, then our overall room night performance is hurt. AAM is then exposed to significant penalties for not fulfilling our room block commitments. Should this happen, AAM could be forced to increase registration and exhibition fees to cover these expenses and cut back on services provided at the event such as meals, receptions, speaker support, attendee activities, and complimentary wireless internet access in key areas. This also risks AAM’s ability to rebook at preferred hotels and receive discounted rates in other cities, meaning hotel rates could also increase at future meetings. Finally, our ability to meet our guaranteed hotel performance could mean we do not qualify for the amount of convention center space we need at future meetings.

Please support the AAM by staying at the official hotels. We think you will find the increased networking opportunities, quality hotel services and amenities to be worth it!