Lessons from the International Community: Collection Display and Cultural Property Protection

Start Day and Time
Wednesday May 10 9:45-11 a.m.
Venue and Meeting Room
122 America's Center
"Engaging the Public with Material Culture" discusses a two year project that reorganized the Pre-hispanic and Colonial collections at Popol Vuh Museum to better convey the concept of movement and diversity while also employing more engaging and interactive techniques.
Presenter: Andrea Terron,curator, Popol Vuh Museum, Guatemala;

"The Migrated Museum: Restitution or Shared Heritage?" offers insight on research conducted on the three UNESCO conventions (1970, 1995, 1954) that address the protection of cultural property and their ratification and implications in the country of Botswana. 
Presenter: Winani Kgwatalala,chief curator, ethnology division, Botswana National Museum