Historic Interiors: New Approaches to Traditional Spaces

Start Day and Time
Wednesday May 10 1:30-3 p.m.
Venue and Meeting Room
Inside the Economy Museum and the Old Courthouse

Meet at the Events and Ground Transportation Desk at 1 p.m. Group will walk over together. Ticket is required to go on the tour.

Few American cities preserve their architectural history like Saint Louis does. The downtown area blends gleaming skyscrapers with buildings constructed during the horse-and-buggy era. The fusion of old and new takes place even within two of the city's most historic buildings. Come inside the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis' Inside the Economy Museum and the Old Courthouse to see how modern exhibits can be elegantly incorporated within historic structures. At the Inside the Economy Museum, learn how high-tech exhibits emphasize the historic architecture and bring the subject matter to life. At the Old Courthouse, learn how original exhibits and exhibits from the Gateway Arch Museum are incorporated into the nearly 200-year-old courthouse.
Onsite Insights, Registration Required