Case Study: The Science Museum and Humanism

Facilities Management
Start Day and Time
Tuesday May 9 2:15-2:45 p.m.
Venue and Meeting Room
266 America's Center
Todd Schliemann's singular designs for the Natural History Museum of Utah, American Museum of Natural History, Rose Center for Earth and Space, and New York Hall of Science potently abstract the principles, associations, and forms of natural science to intensify personal experience, inspire wonder, and make science and natural history real and accessible. Schliemann will explore the designs to illuminate formal invention and his research-based, iterative design process to ultimately reinforce architecture as a statement of culture.
Learner Outcome
  1. Learn how architecture, as armature for a narrative and interpretive exhibit program, can enhance understanding of natural science.
  2. Realize the cognitive and emotional value of an inspiring spatial experience to the creation of memory.
  3. Discern how the material quality of a building heightens one's consciousness of the story of a place.
Todd Schliemann
Ennead Architects LLP
Todd Schliemann is a Design Partner in Ennead Architects. His award-winning portfolio is distinguished by buildings for cultural, educational and civic institutions, and recognized internationally for architectural excellence. In his work, the relationship between architecture and civic society is central: the highest ideal is to give expression to an institution's mission through the integration of design, program and public space.