Case Study: Overcoming Obstacles, Building Intrigue, Welcoming Success

Marketing & Community Engagement
Start Day and Time
Tuesday May 9 9:30-10 a.m.
Venue and Meeting Room
262 America's Center
When Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art debuted in 2011, media speculated whether a museum in a region of the country not known for fine arts appreciation could succeed. Five years later, nearly 3 million people had visited. Learn how strategic PR, grassroots community efforts and collaborations, and authenticity over hype transitioned the museum from an art-world curiosity to an appreciated public institution. If you're launching a new venture and facing critics or skeptics, come discover practical and budget-friendly tips as well as sources of inspiration and innovation.
Learner Outcome
  1. As the marketing mix grows, public relations often plays a background role. Discover how strategic PR laid the foundation for marketing success.
  2. Choose collaborations over competition: community partners are your low-cost, high-impact best friends. Get inspired to break down barriers.
  3. Say yes, strategically: requests come our way daily. When viewed as "how could we make this work?" opportunities for success multiply quickly.
Diane Carroll
Director of Communications
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Diane Carroll serves as Director of Communications for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. With more than two decades of experience as a communications professional, Carroll directs the museum's creative services, digital media, public relations, marketing, and publications departments. Previously, Carroll worked with marketing and PR agencies in Dallas and San Francisco, focusing on art and architecture.