Case Study: Empowering Communities in Heritage Entrepreneurship

Education Audience Research & Evaluation
Start Day and Time
Sunday May 7 4-4:30 p.m.
Venue and Meeting Room
262 America's Center
Institutional Assets and Monuments of Venezuela has developed a strategy to actively engage communities to work for their heritage through entrepreneurship. The strategy includes workshops based on guided visits to historical sites, evaluation of the challenges of public spaces, and brainstorming sessions to motivate the creation of proposals that may have a positive impact on their cultural heritage. Learn how an organization can lead the community to find opportunities in their cultural heritage in order to develop ideas with social and cultural impact.

Education, Audience Research & Evaluation track generously supported by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Learner Outcome
  1. Learn the basics of a practical methodology to guide a group in developing a heritage entrepreneurship project.
  2. Find inspiration on how to encourage communities to make an impact in their urban spaces.
  3. Get ideas on how to overcome difficulties through alliances with local organizations.
Ana Carrano
Executive Manager IAM Venezuela
Executive Manager of IAM Venezuela, an organization that works for the preservation of the Venezuelan cultural heritage, Carrano is a journalist focused on culture, innovation and entrepreneurship. Knight Fellow at Stanford University, she was the coordinator of the first apps for tablets made by a Venezuelan media, as well as the first hyperlocal website in her home country. As book editor coordinated some books on Venezuelan cultural heritage.