2020 Call for Proposal Instructions

Whether you choose a suggested topic or decide to submit your own idea, here are the instructions to follow.

Log In or Create an Account:

  • If you submitted a proposal for the 2019 AAM Annual Meeting in New Orleans, use the same log in information.
  • Can’t remember your log in? Click on “Lost Access Key”.
  • Otherwise, create an account by selecting “Join Now”.

Create a Profile:

Enter your name, institution, email address and other contact information. It is also very important that you read and sign the required Data Privacy Notice agreement.  You will not be able to move forward with the submission process if you do not accept the privacy notice.

Step 3: Create a New Proposal

  • Enter your proposal title (75 characters max).
  • Select your proposal type (session or poster).
  • Select your topic choice (select only one).
  • Hit “Continue”.

Craft Your Proposal and Complete Tasks:

Task 1: Craft Your Proposal

In this task you will select track, format type, format time, web, app, program book description and detailed description. You will also enter your topic idea if you did not chose from the list of suggested topics.

Select the track area that best represents the content of your proposal. The following tracks are available for your selection in the system:

  • Boards & Governance
  • Collections & Curatorial Practice
  • Community Engagement
  • DEAI
  • Education/Audience Research & Evaluation
  • Exhibition Planning & Design
  • Finance, Management & Administration
  • HR & Professional Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Technology & Innovation

Select Presentation Format

  • Case Study: A presentation focusing on a real or hypothetical situation or problem that invites participants to discuss potential solutions and outcomes.
  • Lecture: A presentation with no more than 3 presenters.
  • Interactive Lecture: A lecture with heavy audience participation.
  • Panel: A presentation with a moderator facilitating a discussion with no more than 3 panelists (includes Q&A).
  • Open Forum/Roundtable Discussion: A facilitated group discussion that focuses on a single topic. This can also be used for a town hall.
  • Posters: A visual presentation that is displayed for the duration of the meeting with 1 combined 2-hour presentation session time.

Select Presentation Format Time:

  • 60 minute, 75 minute or poster session.

Describe Your Content

  • Brief description: This is the elevator pitch that quickly describes what the attendee will gain by attending your session. This description is used to market your session and draw in your attendees. Make sure that the brief description is not a duplicate of the detailed description (750 character maximum).
  • Detailed description: should clearly convey what you will present (2000 character maximum).
    • You MUST include information about your proposal participants and their institution WITHOUT including presenter or institution names, or titles.  Example: A senior-level administrator from a government art museum or an early-career curator from a mid-sized historic museum.

Task 2: Learning Objectives – provide 3 learning objectives that are clear, measurable and achievable that you want attendees to recall after leaving your session.

Task 3: Content Filters – Define your target audience.

  • Choose the Professional Network(s)
    • Select the Professional Network(s) that best represents the topic of your proposal from the drop-down list (5 maximum selections). The Professional Networks are a great resource, consider reaching out to those that you’ve selected prior to finalizing your proposal.
  • Level of Expertise
    • Is your proposal most suitable for a museum professional at a particular stage in their career? The levels you select should be appropriate for your idea (One selection only).
  • Proposal Highlight(s)

Task 4: Presenter Profile

Create the list of presenters for this submission. Enter the First Name, Last Name, Email, and Role. Presenters will need to enter their contact information and bio in order to complete this task.


  • Each presenter and moderator will need to login individually to the submission site to enter their personal details and confirm their participation in the proposal.
  • The submitter cannot submit the proposal without the acceptance of participation of all proposed presenters/moderators.

Task 5: Session Submitter Agreement – Review and accept the agreement.

Before you Submit

  • Review your proposal.
  • Make sure all tasks are complete.
  • Review your profile and email address.
  • Confirm your presenters are on board and available.
  • Consider having presenters review.