Buy or Sell Tickets

Tickets for events at the Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo are no longer for sale. A limited number of shuttle passes for the Go Explore Evening Events will be sold at the Events and Ground Transportation desk at the meeting.

Use the Online Ticket Exchange forum to communicate with other Annual Meeting attendees to sell or buy event tickets. This forum will be open for your use throughout the duration of the meeting, and a kiosk will be onsite at the Events and Ground Transportation Desk to access the forum.

  1. Click an event type on the list below to be taken to that forum. If you have tickets for multiple events to buy or sell, you must post in each event’s forum
  2. Within the forum, you can browse buyers and sellers and respond to their postings or post your own message. If someone responds to your post, you will receive an email. If you are responding to a post, please add the name of the event to the subject line.
  3. If you find a buyer or seller, arrange a time and place to meet at the Annual Meeting to transfer the ticket.

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