Lessons from the International Community: Preserving Artistic and Cultural Traditions

Start Day and Time
Tuesday May 9 10:30-11:45 a.m.
Venue and Meeting Room
122 America's Center
"Painting of the White Tara" focuses on a three years effort to preserve the traditional method of painting the White Tara,a religious diety, in the style of Zanabazar, a painting style unique to Mongolia. Presenter: Mendsaikhan Otgonbileg, director, Bogd Khaan Palace Museum of Mongolia "Reviving the Tradition of Metal Craft" features a discussion on preserving the artistry of metal craft, a vibrant element of Bengali culture and one of the foundations of traditional art in Bangladesh that has been threatened by the proliferation of mass-produced metal objects. Presenter: Tahmida Afroze, architect, Bengal Museum of Arts and Crafts "Ukraine Book Treasures" outlines research that is being conducting on American collections of antique Ukrainian Books from the 16th -18th century and implications for museum practice in conservation, preservation, and cataloguing. Presenter: Valentyna Bochkovska, director, Museum of Book and Printing of Ukraine
Julie Bonnelycke
Julie Bonnelycke, MA in Ethnology, is a PhD-fellow at Steno Diabetes Center, and the University of Copenhagen. She has taken part in the development work on PULSE at Danish Science Center Experimentarium, with a particular focus on local communities and socio-economically disadvantaged groups. Has worked with humanistic health research most of her academic life, along with several years of employment at the National Museum of Denmark.